About us

The Transgenics & Gene Targeting Facility at the BSRC Al. Fleming was established in 2001 to integrate transgenic technologies in the mouse for cutting-edge biomedical research.

The Facility generates transgenic mice via:

• Pronuclear Injection-Founder Generation (certified with ISO 9001:2000 since 2008)
• Embryonic Stem Cell Gene Targeting-Blastocyst Injection-Chimera Production- Germline transmission

In addition the facility has established a CryoUnit which supports the transportation, storage and archiving of mutant strains, through embryo rederivation and cryopreservation, as well as recovery of mouse embryo and sperm. The CryoUnit is member of the European Mouse Mutant Archive network since 2010.

The Facility benefits from the research environment of BSRC “Al.Fleming” to provide an excellent service in transgenic technologies.

Interested parties are welcome to go through our procedure pages and order forms. Pricing inquires can be forwarded to transgenics@fleming.gr.

Dimitris L. Kontoyiannis, Ph.D.
Scientist in Charge

kontoyiannis@fleming.gr (+30) 210.9656310


Demetris Vassilakos, PhD.
Operations Manager – Gene Targeting Specialist

vassilakos@fleming.gr (+30) 210.9656310


Konstantinos Bozonelos, M.Sc.
Cryopreservation Specialist

bozonelos@fleming.gr (+30) 210.9656310


Panagiotis Papadopoulos
Animal Technologist/Transgenics Specialist

ppapadopoulos@fleming.gr (+30) 210.9656310


Vasileios Ntafis, DVM, PhD.
Supervising Veterinarian

ntafis@fleming.gr (+30) 210.9656310

ES cell technology services


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DNA microinjection service


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Archiving services


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